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Uplift Your World Through AR

Dana Loberg
2 min readMar 31, 2020


During isolation, augmented reality is a great way to lift your spirits and get creative without any boundaries.

During these difficult times during the Corona Virus outbreak, we wanted to share some uplifting videos we’ve seen from thousands of people around the world. Our app, Leo AR, has seen a significant shift in usage from outdoor to indoor, as more people brace for these uncertain times at home. Previously our app was more 50% indoor, 50% outdoor.

Leo AR is an app that the world needs now. It allows people of all ages and demographics to easily be more creative, taking out the limitations and boundaries we’re normally used to. It also uplifts your mood and gives space for healing during these difficult times.

Here are the top 10 videos we’ve seen that explore more creativity and light-heartedness in a time that humanity needs it most:

  1. Placing funny animals on a family members’ head:

2. The classic AR fun is placing wild animals in your hand:

3. Have fun dancing with AR objects since we can’t always dance with friends during this time:

4. Upgrade your at home recitals with some fun in AR:

5. Find new creative ways to decorate your workspace:

6. Redecorate your room with the ultimate princess fantasy:

7. Create short movies with AR:

8. Be a superhero:

9. Have more fun while you cook from home:

10. Change mundane rooms into new safaris:

Dana Loberg is CEO and co-founder of Leo AR, the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Follow her @luckyloberg.



Dana Loberg

2X Founder, Living in Austin TX, CEO @LeoAR, Yale & Stanford Start X alum