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The Transformation of our Environments with the Collaboration of AR

Walking through the San Jose Airport, I can’t help but imagine the future of travel. As an AR entrepreneur, I can see beyond the existing cluttered print ads and the overcrowded magazine and book stands. I can begin to imagine a future that is close-by. It’s probably easiest to see this transformation in the airports, as they’re constantly undergoing updates and growth to meet the demands of a busy and more connected world for travelers.

A much filtered future: clean and easy travel is on the horizon.

As the Hudson Newsstands and glittering keychains fade away, we will be travelers surrounded by white walls. Travelers will be able to see a much richer, real-time display on the white walls, experiencing a much filtered and sharp image of the latest news, marketing or entertainment fully customized to the local demographics. Eventually, it will even be customized towards the individual who’s looking in a particular direction. The white walls will transform to bring brilliant displays and entertainment.

People will be able to adjust the advertisements and/or content to anything they want. If they want to see instant nature scenes or a symphony, they will be able to adjust and change the space (ie white walls) into any world they want to be surrounded by.

Of course, these rich displays will be best viewed in some kind of wearable glass that seamlessly allows us to engage and interact more deeply with these original white walls.

Extending this micro-community to the outer cities and communities, we will start to see barber shops, cafes and restaurants undergoing a transformation to white walls as well. Then, people will be able to better see the graphics and displays of entertainment and marketing on these walls.

We will all look back at the disorganized manner of our current way of display marketing and begin to enjoy the new, clean sharper images and customizable content surrounding us in our daily surroundings. The real time stream of content that is curated for each individual will be our next level of travel and way in which we interact with our environments.

Dana Loberg is CEO and co-founder of Leo AR, the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Follow her @luckyloberg.



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