Leo AR Metaverse Launches Crypto Wallet Integration

Dana Loberg
2 min readSep 22, 2022


Bring Your NFTs Into the Real World

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Leo AR Metaverse is excited to announce that users can utilize their NFTs in the real world within Leo AR App. With our launch on Product Hunt, Leo AR allows full NFT wallet integration, where collectors and artists can connect their wallets and portfolios directly into the app in order to showcase their NFTs in their surroundings. Artists will finally have the ability to visualize their creations in the real world in mobile, as well as interact, record and share their portfolios.

One of the largest issues with NFT’s is the inability to use, visualize or interact with a NFT. With Leo AR, NFT artists and owners can download the app and upload their wallets including their NFT portfolios and instantly tap on their favorite NFTs to see them in their environment. Users can place the NFT on the wall, table, floor or anywhere they want. They can also record and share the NFTs as well as use other AR 3D objects that Leo AR provides in several entertaining categories: animals, space, dinosaurs, cars, and many others.

The Leo AR team loves to bring dream-like experiences to users globally and is excited to move forward with new technologies that contribute to the Metaverse. By allowing NFT designers and NFT owners to play and interact with their art pieces and purchases, we’re helping both artists and buyers reveal new opportunities and a new way to display art in the Metaverse.

It’s time to bring your NFTs into the real world.

If you have children under 10 years old I promise they will find this app super cool 😉

Other videos to watch: https://youtu.be/NYUoZNHGkKU

Dana Loberg is CEO and Founder of Leo AR, the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Follow her @luckyloberg.



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