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Leo AR Announces Its First NFT Collection

Dana Loberg
2 min readJun 1, 2022


Leo AR Creates More Usability of NFTs and Greater Access to Blockchain Technologies

Our team is excited to announce our first NFT Collection for Leo AR — The Mighty Lions.

For the first time, owners of the collection will be able to use the NFT within Leo AR — with the ability to place the NFT in their hand, on a table, wall, or anywhere in the space around them. Additionally, owners can interact, record and share their NFT purchase with friends or family. The collection will be available soon on OpenSea or Rarible. As a bonus, buyers of The Mighty Lions Club Collection will also redeem a free subscription to Leo AR.

We’re very excited to expand our platform into creating unique NFTs for our community. NFT collectibles are a great way to differentiate content and scenes created by users in our Leo AR Metaverse. We also want to help democratize the blockchain category and give greater access to more people in a fun and entertaining app like Leo AR.

As the Metaverse continues to grow, there is a substantial need for more unique 3D digital assets and NFTs are a great way to create more eccentric digital objects that ultimately become distinctive AR 3D scenes. In addition, these NFTs can also become a new investment vehicle for families and a younger generation looking to find new ways to invest.

To read more about our NFT Collection, our press release is here.

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