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Most of us entrepreneurs find it difficult to make the time to relax. Unplugging from mobile devices can sometimes feel too extreme or too risky for most of our businesses and long periods of time on vacation can sometimes feel impossible.

After a very long and crazy 2020, we would like to share some of our favorite AR videos of 2020 from Leo AR. Without wasting more reading time, here are our top 10 from our app.

  1. We love when we see teachers using Leo AR to engage children around education…
by Jessica Oliviera

During isolation, augmented reality is a great way to lift your spirits and get creative without any boundaries.

During these difficult times during the Corona Virus outbreak, we wanted to share some uplifting videos we’ve seen from thousands of people around the world. Our app, Leo AR, has seen a…

The Investor Fantasy

This is an article for entrepreneurs looking to fundraise. You might be in the process or just starting out. Thought this might help.

How many times have you come away from an investor meeting and thought “Wow! This investor really understands what I’m building. I barely had…

photo by: Artem Bryzgalov

CES 2020 has confirmed a lot of things I already saw beginning to happen Q4 of 2019.

Augmented Reality is very much a reality.

It will continue to grow into the mainstream in 2020. What felt like something on the horizon or in the near future for the last few…

Dana Loberg

SF @LeoAR @MojiLaLa

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