Small hacks that are affordable and not too time-consuming

Most of us entrepreneurs find it difficult to make the time to relax. Unplugging from mobile devices can sometimes feel too extreme or too risky for most of our businesses and long periods of time on vacation can sometimes feel impossible.

So I’ve come up with short hacks entrepreneurs can easily do in their own home to relax without breaking the bank. None of these activities takes a huge budget or large amount of time so they are easy to slip into your daily and/or nightly routines.

Without further ado, here…

I remember when we first heard of the pandemic in the USA last year in 2020, it felt like time froze. Everyone canceled their meetings, people lined up at the supermarkets and prepared for what felt like Dooms Day, and the news was streaming non-stop on all devices at all hours of the day. The days, weeks and months started to blend together as people huddled in their homes listening to the latest reporting on the pandemic. …

After a very long and crazy 2020, we would like to share some of our favorite AR videos of 2020 from Leo AR. Without wasting more reading time, here are our top 10 from our app.

  1. We love when we see teachers using Leo AR to engage children around education. AR will have a big impact in the education space going forward.

2. We love this farm to table moment that a Leo AR user made in their kitchen.

3. Scoot, scoot, scoot along. Love this fun video of a child playing under a rainbow.

4. Working…

@Antonio DiCaterina

2020 has been one of those years you wish you could forget, but will end up being the year you will always remember. It’s not only a memorable number as a Harshad number, but with the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak globally, presidential turmoil, citizen unrest (Black Lives Matter) and a myriad other disruptive events, 2020 instantly became a much more significant year for all of us.

Leo AR is a consumer startup that is showcasing to the world and all its mobile users the power of augmented reality. It was already a simple and powerful tool before Covid-19, but…

by Alexander Dummer

We’ve all experienced drastic changes to our lifestyles over the last few months. Whether your corporate job forced you to carve out a workspace in your living room or you’re a parent with kids who are now learning at home, most of us are spending more time than ever at home with our technology.

As an entrepreneur in the AR space, I’ve noticed a general shift amongst adults when it comes to children and teenagers and their devices in the post-COVID world. Here are a few major changes in consumer tech behavior and consumption during the pandemic.


Just a couple…


Despite the pandemic, it’s still possible to raise funding for your startup.

I’d like to share some fundraising tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Things have changed a lot since Covid-19. Here are my top 5 tips and tools you need for fundraising during Covid:

  1. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, I suggest you sign up and pay for the business version. If you’re super bootstrapped, the free version is capped at 40-min calls which is plenty of time for investor calls. And if you don’t already have Calendly, set it up as well to save yourself the headache of…

by Jessica Oliviera

During isolation, augmented reality is a great way to lift your spirits and get creative without any boundaries.

During these difficult times during the Corona Virus outbreak, we wanted to share some uplifting videos we’ve seen from thousands of people around the world. Our app, Leo AR, has seen a significant shift in usage from outdoor to indoor, as more people brace for these uncertain times at home. Previously our app was more 50% indoor, 50% outdoor.

Leo AR is an app that the world needs now. It allows people of all ages and demographics to easily be more creative…

The Investor Fantasy

This is an article for entrepreneurs looking to fundraise. You might be in the process or just starting out. Thought this might help.

How many times have you come away from an investor meeting and thought “Wow! This investor really understands what I’m building. I barely had to pitch and he/she was so excited for the opportunity! I can’t wait until he/she tells his/her partners on Monday morning and leads my round so we can start to build this together fast.” And then the perfect dream relationship manifests and builds from there.

This is the “Investor Fantasy”.

photo by Artur Tumasjan

Walking through the San Jose Airport, I can’t help but imagine the future of travel. As an AR entrepreneur, I can see beyond the existing cluttered print ads and the overcrowded magazine and book stands. I can begin to imagine a future that is close-by. It’s probably easiest to see this transformation in the airports, as they’re constantly undergoing updates and growth to meet the demands of a busy and more connected world for travelers.

A much filtered future: clean and easy travel is on the horizon.

As the Hudson Newsstands and glittering keychains fade away, we will be travelers…

photo by: Artem Bryzgalov

CES 2020 has confirmed a lot of things I already saw beginning to happen Q4 of 2019.

Augmented Reality is very much a reality.

It will continue to grow into the mainstream in 2020. What felt like something on the horizon or in the near future for the last few years, has graduated to becoming a technology that is now.

AR has arrived.

2014 I was at CES and it seemed like wearables like Samsung watches and FitBit were the main attraction for the conference. The watches and wearables were shining and new, with glittering lights showcasing their fancy features…

Dana Loberg

SF @LeoAR @MojiLaLa

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