5 Easy Tips Entrepreneurs Can Do to Relax

Dana Loberg
4 min readApr 21, 2021

Small hacks that are affordable and not too time-consuming

Most of us entrepreneurs find it difficult to make the time to relax. Unplugging from mobile devices can sometimes feel too extreme or too risky for most of our businesses and long periods of time on vacation can sometimes feel impossible.

So I’ve come up with short hacks entrepreneurs can easily do in their own home to relax without breaking the bank. None of these activities takes a huge budget or large amount of time so they are easy to slip into your daily and/or nightly routines.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways to relieve stress starting today:

  1. Eucalyptus leaves in your shower are a great way to see nature while you’re in the shower with a beautiful pop of green. They also provide a slew of health benefits as a natural aromatic oil. There’s plenty of reasons how hanging a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves in your shower can reduce stress and also fight other immune deficiencies like nasal congestion, promote stress relief, help sinus infections, treat bronchitius, relieve pain, boost alertness, improve mental health, and control asthma. You can read more details about these health improvements here. It seems like a ridiculous trend but I do find it easy to do and rewarding, like taking an outdoor shower in the summer! Here’s a great place to purchase your first bundle: https://selfcareshower.com/products/original-eucalyptus-bundle-for-shower-or-home?variant=34011540717704

2. Gardening is a great way to release stress and feel more accomplished. Your company might be going through some pains and at times, may feel like a failure. But going out in the garden or caring for an indoor plant is a great way to boost confidence and also bring a bit more nature and balance into your life. For whatever reason, seeing the color green around you promotes more healing and a soothing feeling which most of us desperately need while building a business. You can read more about that here. If you’re lucky enough to have a front or back yard, take some time to grow some fruits, vegetables, herbs or local plants that can succeed in your environment. Going outside in the afternoon to water your little plants creates a great break from your computer, allowing some creativity juices to flow back into your brain. Plus, you can get some great additional home-grown ingredients to your home-cooked foods! There are some great indoor plants that are great oxygen cleaners as well if you lack outdoor space. Here is a list for beginner plant caregivers: https://www.thespruce.com/the-7-best-houseplants-for-beginners-4767423

3. Going for a walk is another simple way to relieve stress and literally walk things off. It’s even better if you can take your shoes and socks off and walk barefoot in your garden, yard or park. This is called Earthing. There’s a great documentary on Earthing that supports the healthy benefits of touching the Earth with your feet. The trailer is here. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to relieve stress as you quickly change your environment and boost your mood with an endorphin rush. Here’s just a few benefits of walking here.

4. Making time for one thing each month that you can look forward to and find as a luxury activity. This can be anything from a yoga class or horseback riding, to getting a spa treatment, nails done, or something you just haven’t done in a really long time. As we all get out of Covid, we realize we dropped a lot of activities we’re probably starting to miss. Trying to make time again to do these small luxury moments, just once a month to start, can help to give you something to look forward to. And can be an instant stress reliever as well.

5. Candles in the shower or bath. I know this one seems so easy to do and it is! Personally, I go for the candles that are Himalayan salt or create some sort of ambiance like these or this. Just adding a little bit of romance to your environment like your daily shower can definitely allow you to relieve stress and better prepare yourself for better sleep. It’s also a nice change from the bright overhead lights we’ve all become accustomed to. With the dark room and candle-light decor, your sure to feel a bit more luxury wherever you are and probably at a time when you need it most.

Dana Loberg is CEO and Founder of Leo AR, the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Follow her @luckyloberg.

Dana Loberg

2X Founder, Living in Austin TX, CEO @LeoAR, Yale & Stanford Start X alum