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2020: The Year You Wish You Could Forget, But The One You Will Always Remember

2020 has been one of those years you wish you could forget, but will end up being the year you will always remember. It’s not only a memorable number as a Harshad number, but with the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak globally, presidential turmoil, citizen unrest (Black Lives Matter) and a myriad other disruptive events, 2020 instantly became a much more significant year for all of us.

Leo AR is a consumer startup that is showcasing to the world and all its mobile users the power of augmented reality. It was already a simple and powerful tool before Covid-19, but expedited it’s creativity and excitement by users during Covid and beyond. New technologies like LidAR in more phones and 5G capabilities by Telco Companies: momentum continues to push augmented reality to the forefront of reality :)

With many people working remotely and stuck at home due to the pandemic, many were looking for new ways to express and create new worlds. Leo AR provided that much-needed relief including light and fun that families desperately needed. It even held a special place in our household when we were looking for some relief from the morbid news from Covid and all the election fiasco.

With 5G rolling out globally by Telco Companies, it’s no surprise that Leo AR has had a busy end of the year. The surge of usage from Covid-19, as well as 5G partnerships, Leo AR will continue to accelerate and grow, reaching more users faster than expected.

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2020 certainly brought a lot of low emotions, however Leo AR provided a lot of upward momentum forcing this startup to grow through new highs and lows that were unexpected. We can’t thank 2020 enough for being over and excited to look forward to 2021- all the projects Leo AR will be executing to bring new worlds and creativity to peoples’ lives.

Dana Loberg is CEO and Founder of Leo AR, the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Follow her @luckyloberg.



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